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Multimedia Projects

Here at ISSIA, we believe in awareness-building as a stepping stone to changemaking. This model of 'information empowerment' is achieved through our multimedia content. This includes our 180+ articles, but also our video series, podcasts and social media.


LGBTIA+ Docuseries and Video Productions

Check out our 4-part docuseries on LGBTQIA+ rights in Hong Kong produced by Ewan Windebank. The docuseries was screened at the Hong Kong Student Film Festival 2021 and at the Asia Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC 2021). We also produce a variety of content including Community Reels and Event Showcase videos.


ISSIA Podcast

We have published 15+ podcasts on a variety of social and global issues, be it on capitalism, mental health, political apathy and more.

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Research & Advocacy

Our Research and Advocacy team produces time-sensitive content (e.g. infographics, research surveys) to build awareness for global issues. We previously ran surveys on social engagement and COVID-19 in Hong Kong.


ISSIA Social Media 

Our Instagram page serves as our 'hub' for all-things ISSIA HK. We have over 300 posts and 1400 followers. Check us out!

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