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Our Teams

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ISSIA's expansive team spearheads over 30+ projects, ranging from multimedia production to organizing in-person events.

We train students in 21st century skills — be it transformative leadership to the essentials of project management.

We also adopt a 'teams of teams' approach, where each department works collaboratively e.g. forming working groups organized around specific strategic goals.

Executive Team

The 'Executive Team' is ISSIA's core leadership team made up of department heads and strategic advisors. Comprising of leading changemakers in the region, the team serves as a central team for ideation and discussions on strategic intent.


Events & Programs Team

Works closely to implement Events and Programs along with the ISSIA Events Team. 


Tasks include coming up with event ideas, generating event plans and assisting with ad-hoc tasks.

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ISSIA Magazine Editorial Team

As part of the Editorial Team, members contribute articles on ‘social issues’ every two months (through scheduled rounds). These articles generally range from 600-800 words. 


Members will also have the opportunity to make regular contributions to debates, ISSIA’s newsletter, social media infographics and group articles.


Contributors may also have the opportunity to work as an editor and provide peer-to-peer feedback (copy-edits and suggestions) for articles.

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Social Media Team (Design)

Works to create graphics for the ISSIA Instagram page ( via canva and other software. Work on special projects e.g. QuISSIA, IG Lives and celebratory events.


Provide administrative support and suggestions for the ISSIA content calendar and brainstorm promotional strategies.

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Research and Advocacy

Work on developing research surveys to investigate social issues in a Hong Kong context (e.g. social engagement, COVID’s impact on education etc.)


Will also provide support for various ISSIA projects e.g. a script for a docuseries, statistics for a social media campaign etc. Members will also help brainstorm ideas for advocacy campaigns.


School Ambassadors

School Ambassadors help advance ISSIA's presence through school-based programs and activities e.g. article writing, podcast development etc. We have over 10+ chapters in Hong Kong and Macau.


Executive Office

As part of the Executive Office, members will do all the admin within ISSIA. Members will work on the upkeep of the Google Calendar, the Clickup, and be responsible for writing minutes during meetings. They will also have the chance to work with other departments on miscellaneous tasks.


Outreach & Partnerships Team

Tasks include researching potential partners organizations and brainstorming outreach initiatives, reaching out to potential sponsors/partners etc.

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ISSIA Magazine Design Team

As part of the Design Team, members would contribute graphics to ISSIA articles on an as-needed basis; they will also get to work on special projects such as ISSIA merchandise, art events and also typesetting the ISSIA Magazine.

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Technical Team: Video and Podcast Editing

Video: Will work under the Video Team to help edit various videos on an ad-hoc basis (e.g. our documentary series, promotional videos, interviews, webinars).

Podcast: Will work under the Podcast Team to help edit the ISSIA Podcasts. Will use either Audacity or Adobe Audition. Training will be provided for editors.

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New Initiatives Team

Members will be given a great opportunity to support the launch of our new initiatives e.g. logistics, events management, outreach, liaising across departments etc. Work will be very dynamic and involve taking on multiple roles.

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Strategic Working Groups

Strategic working groups are organized around specific projects that requires a 'teams of teams' approach i.e. involving multiple departments. Some examples include a Content Strategy Team or a AISC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion research group, in addition to new project development.

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